i can get ASEA more cheaply from eBay or Amazon! Why not buy from them?

We hope you watched the short video above to give you the answer to this question.

Here are the main points again why there are a number of problems with this approach:

1. ASEA is a direct selling company. Legally, all product should be sold through a registered associate. The company shares 50% of global profits with associates, providing 30 000 people in 33 countries with part-time, full-time or big time incomes. 

2. Product sold on Ebay and Amazon is illegally obtained and unethically sold, and benefits only the criminals who have used fraudulent credit              cards. 

 Unfortunately, in life and business there are always sharks. In this case, they are on Ebay and Amazon.

No product  sold on Amazon or ebay is obtained legally. It's all obtained by credit card fraud.  

Product is then 'laundered' through ebay and amazon. As such, the product can be sold below wholesale price.

From a client's perspective this means:

Purchased product has 

no money back guarantee! 

(ASEA provides a 90 money back guarantee)

It can be out of date

Product is often tampered with. ASEA has bought from Amazon to check, and frequently found it to be just 'salt water'. 

Clients don't get the support of a trained associate in their product journey

Clients cannot reliably measure or count on the effectiveness of the purchased product

Clients don't access company support, which can be extensive.

Remember you are on a health & wellness journey that can last a life time - and you'd want reliable partners to support you with qualified advice and a 100% quality guarantee!

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