The Breakthrough

Scientists have known for decades that redox signalling molecules (also called cell signalling molecules) facilitate communication between cells, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

ASEA’s revolutionary technology replicates the body’s own cell signalling molecules. This process has been used to develop products that contain these life-sustaining molecules.

The Science of Redox Signalling

Although you may not have heard of redox signalling before now, it’s not a new area of science. The field of redox has been researched for decades, multiple Nobel prizes have been awarded for discoveries related to it, and upwards of 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers have been written  on the subject.


Supporting Your Cells

Redox signalling technology is available to everyone in RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel and RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum, two groundbreaking topical redox products that promote the health of your skin. 

ASEA products go beyond cell signalling. Its cutting-edge technologies extend to other cellular support products to create a complete approach to overall health.

Whether you need a topical redox boost or anti-ageing for your skin, ASEA offers products that work where your body needs the most attention.

Now you can supplement your body’s own redox signalling molecules from the outside in with RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel and RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum for overall health that starts in the cells.

You also have access to cutting-edge technologies formulated into products that work hand in hand with  cell signalling to enhance your wellbeing.

Cellular Support from the Outside In

ASEA’s patented redox signalling technology is revolutionising the way we think about skin health.

Cell signalling molecules have been clinically proven to benefit cell communication and renewal for a healthy, youthful appearance.

No more covering up or tightening or spot-moisturising. This is foundational skin health built on breakthrough science.

RENU 28 and Intensive Redox Serum

In our quest for healthier-looking skin, we have an endless sea of products to swim through, from the affordable to the expensive, from the soothing to the superficial. All claim to offer a healthier appearance. But how many of them help your skin not only look healthier but actually register measurable improvements to skin health?

For that, you need something that impacts your skin cells, where skin health begins. RENU 28 and Intensive Redox Serum are key components in RENU Advanced, the first and only redox skin and body care system—a proprietary offering that provides all the benefits of cell signalling plus exclusive redox-friendly, anti-ageing blends.

With RENU 28 and Intensive Redox Serum, you can apply active cell signalling molecules directly onto your skin to improve it at the cellular level. Formulated with patented redox signalling technology, these products have been shown to make visible differences in skin by actually making skin cells healthier. There’s nothing equal on the market.

RENU 28  Revitalizing Redox Gel

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel harnesses the power of redox signalling technology in a light, fast-absorbing gel designed to support healthy cell renewal. This whole-body skincare product works to add smoothness, even texture, and revitalise skin health.

Get Your Cells Talking

Youthful cells renew much quicker than ageing cells. Active cellular communication is key for renewal of healthy, beautiful skin.

Without cell signalling molecules, skin cells can’t communicate. ASEA’s patented redox signalling technology has been clinically proven to benefit cell communication and renewal for a healthy, youthful appearance.

30-Minute Benefits

› Visibly more radiant skin 

› Smoother skin to ease appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness


Use morning and evening after applying RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel. Apply to specific areas of concern.

RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum

Intensive Redox Serum is an ultra-concentrated anti-ageing skincare product designed to revitalise and support skin renewal. With powerfully acting redox signalling molecules, this facial serum targets even the most challenging imperfections associated with ageing.

Skin, Rejuvenated

The skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate declines over time. Infants’ skin cells turn over about every 14 days. In adulthood, that time increases to 28 days and continues to lengthen. By age 50, skin cell turnover can stretch to as long as three months.

But with daily application of RENU 28, you’re supplying your skin with rejuvenating redox signalling molecules that improve your skin at the cellular level.

No matter what your trouble spots may be, whether it’s unevenness or dryness or fine lines—and no matter where on the body they are—RENU 28 can help.

Skincare for Skin Everywhere

RENU 28 is not just for your face. This skincare breakthrough uses a patented process that replicates the body’s own redox signalling molecules to revitalise your skin’s health and appearance, with an increased ability to withstand everyday stressors.

Specifically designed to work with your skin’s natural processes, RENU 28 adds smoothness, evens texture, and increases moisture—resulting in more vibrant, healthier skin.

Proven Results

RENU 28 provides revitalising support to your skin. Clinical studies have returned amazing results:

Blood Flow

Stephens & Associates found that with twice-daily application, RENU 28 increased microcirculation to the skin by up to 55%.

Skin cell Turnover

Stephens & Associates conducted a study that showed an increased skin cell turnover rate by 16% with RENU 28.


Dermatest, a world-renowned dermatological research institute, found that RENU 28 decreased the appearance of cellulite by 16%.

Facial Skin

Dermatest found further impressive results in a clinical study on facial skin:

RENU 28 earned Dermatest's coveted 5-star clinically tested seal, its highest possible commendation.

RENU 28 is not only safe but also provides real results through ASEA’s patented redox signalling technology.  It's non-comedogenic, preservative free, and paraben free.

Before & After

“RENU 28 has made a difference in lessening the wrinkles of my face.”

“RENU 28 clearly reduced the lines and wrinkles in my 65-year old neck! Thank you for an amazing product!”


Shake tube gently - apply a liberal amount of RENU 28 to cleansed skin twice daily. Use on face and anywhere on your body where healthier-, youthful-, and more vibrant-looking skin is desired. Avoid contact with eyes.

A 12-week dermatological test showed that RENU 28 is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin elasticity. Results were clinically measured.


> 15.81% reduction in the appearance of fat lobule size

> 20.91% increase in skin elasticity

RENU 28’s patented process duplicates the body’s own redox signalling molecules—cellular messengers— to protect and rejuvenate skin cells and smooth skin.

Get Your Best Skin Back

Everyone is born with smooth, resilient skin. Your cells provide the “fingerprint” for this original beauty. Youthful skin renews itself consistently. Over time, healthy cell turnover slows dramatically. The result is visibly ageing skin. Your original, beautiful skin doesn’t need to be a thing of the past.

Introducing RENU Advanced, the first and ONLY redox anti-ageing skincare system.

Each product in the RENU Advanced family has received a 5-star accreditation for safety— the highest possible—by leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest.

Radiant Skin In Three Simple Steps

ASEA has taken the best of science and nature to create RENU Advanced: all the benefits of redos signalling technology together with exclusive redox-friendly, anti-aging blends.

1. Cleanse

RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser

Tones and hydrates skin as it washes away dirt, oil and impurities. Supports healthy cell renewal.

2. Repair

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel

Skincare for the entire body that provides redox signalling molecules for smooth, toned skin.

RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum

Delivers ultra-concentrated cell signalling molecules to boost anti-aging benefits.

3. Replenish

RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

Provides everyday moisture while delivering deep hydration and anti-aging actives for visibly youthful, vibrant skin.

RENU Advanced products contain carefully formulated, natural complexes designed to work with redox signalling technology and your skin.

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ASEA’s proprietary process produces beneficial redox signalling molecules. These cell signalling molecules support communication at the cellular level, improving the healthy, youthful appearance of your skin.



Watermelon rind, lentil fruit, aloe leaf juice, and apple combine with vegetable-sourced glycerin for moisture, hydration, and resilience.


Bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon plus botanical alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) help increase the rate of cell renewal.


Olive fruit and coconut oil, sugar, witch hazel, and wheat amino acids support skin elasticity while gently cleansing and toning.



A patented blend of jojoba, macadamia, vitamin E, and olive oil with natural moisturising factors (NMF) from olive, coconut, and beet support cellular rejuvenation and youthful moisture levels.


A topical probiotic paired with oxygen attractors—vital for healthy skin and cell renewal—helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Fragrant star desert plant, olive, and soybean protect moisture, encourage detox, and defend healthy skin barrier for supple, firm skin.

Proven Results

Independent clinical studies confirm the benefits of ASEA's redox signalling technology for beautiful, youthful skin.

RENU Advanced System independent clinical study results:

Independent clinical study conducted by Stephens & Associates.

Results based on 12-week study of 40 participants using RENU Advanced face care system twice per day.

One of a Kind

ASEA is based on our proprietary breakthrough technology to provide benefits which translate to health at its foundational level. It is the only product of its kind. No one else offers what ASEA does.


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